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Many of the fastener & component solutions offered by GBK have been born through the transportation industry & for that reason, our product offer is strong for companies or individuals who are engaged in this very important market sector.

Currently our fastener & component products are used in road, rail, marine & air based modes of transport.

Aerospace | Fasteners for Aerospace seating | Fixings for aerospace storage bins | Motion control devices for aerospace applications


Agriculture and Construction Vehicles | Agriculture and Construction Vehicles fixings, fasteners and fastenings | Fasteners for cab applications in tractors

Agriculture and Construction Vehicles

Automotive | Fixings, fasteners and damper products for cars | Venting filters for ECU, ABS and axle applications | Trim fasteners and clips | Auto clips | Automotive consumables

As well as a comprehensive range of fasteners | fixings | components for the auto industry GBK is also investing in new products & technologies.

GBK is developing Self Adhesive Vents for the automotive industry, which will be available in many sizes. Using a high quality porous non woven material, regional adhesive from 3M, these annular self adhesive disks can be used in all fittings where either; pressure equalisation, temperature regulation or water ingress are potential problems.

In answer to industry standard sizes, the company can provide units with multiple venting windows in the same unit, providing greater rigidity of the vent filter

Additionally to this the company offers pressure equalisation products that can be either screwed in or snapped in to product housings, providing customers with a range of options for ensuring their sensitive products & assemblies are properly protected against adverse ambient conditions.

Bus | Fasteners for bus storage compartments | Fixings for bus seating application | Soft trim fastenings for bus interiors


Marine | Plastic fasteners for Marine applications | Marine seating fasteners and fixings | Cabin trim fasteners for cabin cruisers


Motorcycle and Scooter | Motorcycle and Scooter cable and trim fasteners | Quick access fasteners | Panel protection fasteners

Motorcycle and Scooter

Motorhome and Caravan | Motorhome and Caravan trim fasteners and components | Interior fixing elements for motor homes | Caravan plastic fastenings | Van conversion fasteners | Fasteners for VW T5 & Mercedes Vito conversions | Consumable automotive clips and fasteners

Motorhome and Caravan

Train | Train interior trim fixings | Storage bin fasteners | Soft trim and panelling fixings | Train seating fastenings


Truck | Truck cab fixings | Commercial vehicle interior trim fasteners | Exterior and body panel fixings


Vehicle Convertors | Fasteners for use by Vehicle Converters | Refrigerated vehicle fixings | Fastenings used in vehicle conversions | Garage supplies | Spare part retailers | Automotive consumable parts | Auto clips and fixings | Trim clips and fasteners

Vehicle Convertors

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