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Shop-fitting, point of sale & point of purchase applications benefit from the product development in other market sectors, particularly in relation to panel fasteners, motion control & access fasteners. This important market sector requires innovative solutions to fastening & jointing problems, as well as unique & interesting ways to display products & signage in retail locations.

Equally important is the functionality provided to the consumer, for example fasteners made in clear material so that they do not impinge on highly designed graphic presentations or motion control dampers in dispensers which give the consumer a sense of high quality when doors or panels move smoothly & do not drop abruptly after use.

The retail sector continues to demand highly engineered solutions to their problems - GBK is able to respond to & support that need.

Steel Furniture | Fixings for steel furniture | Watertight fasteners for steel desking | Steel storage furniture fastenings

Steel Furniture fixings and motion control devices

Desking and Plinths | Fasteners for POS plinths | Fixings for shopfitting storage units | Clear fasteners for point of sale desks and plinths

Desking and Plinths

Display Units | Hanging systems for POS display units | Dampers for point of sale display units | Fasteners and fixings for POS display units

Display Units

Interactive Display Units | Fasteners for Interactive Display Units | Fixings for use in interactive displays | Components for use in interactive displays

Fasteners, fixings, components & motion control devices for Interactive Display Units

Interior Contractors | Fasteners, fixings and components for shopfitting contractors | Fastenings for shopfitters | Retail contractors fixings and fittings

Interior Contractors

Retail Refurbishments | Fasteners for Retail Refurbishments | Installation fasteners for shop refurbishments | Retail space refurbishment fixings

Retail Refurbishments

Retail Stands | Retail Stands fasteners | Fixings for use in retail stands | Display stand fastenings

Retail Stands

Signage Displays | Signage Fasteners | Fixings for signs | Clear fasteners for use in retail signs | Suction cups for POS displays

Signage Displays

Storage | Fixings for retail storage | Damper systems for retail storage units | Latches for POS storage furniture


Vending Systems | Dampers for Vending Systems | Sweet vending motion control products | Fixings, fasteners, fastenings and widgets for POS vending systems

Vending Systems

Visual Merchandising | Fasteners for Visual Merchandising | Hi-visibility clear fixing solutions in visual merchandising | Suction cups and POS hanging systems

Visual Merchandising

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