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GBK offer lightweight, non-conductive fasteners to the building and construction industry, which are used in many different types of applications. From EWI cladding systems to cable or pipe routing GBK product solutions are used more often in this sector, providing low cost solutions to users.

Technical solutions, such as Cathodic Protection in large capitol projects are also being developed, as re-enforced concrete structures are prone to degradation over time unless this process is managed successfully. More and more potential projects are being identified in this sector, which in itself will drive further product development.

Cathodic Protection | Cathodic Protection | Fasteners for reinforced concrete protection | Low voltage protection fixings

Cathodic Protection is used to positively manage the corrosion within reinforced concrete structures. Lightweight fixings are used to fasten specific materials to the structure.

Cladding Systems | EWI Fasteners | Cladding Systems | Brick Slip Cladding | Fasteners for building renovation | Green deal fastener |

Cladding Systems (EWI) are employed to renovate existing buildings with a new facade, which provides a highly effective method of enhancing communities and run down buildings with a refurbished appearance. GBK fasteners are used extensively in this application.

Commercial | Commercial building fasteners | Plastic fasteners for construction industry

Commercial building projects benefit from the use of GBK lightweight fastening solutions. Used in several areas of the structure from brick, block, steel, glass, wood and most other materials, many product solutions are available.

DIY and Garden | DIY and Garden Fixings |

DIY and Garden applications have become more popular in recent times when considering the GBK range of products. Fixings are available to mount all manner of goods, products or even plants. Please contact us for further information

Domestic | Domestic Construction Fasteners

Domestic applications for GBK fixings are quite varied, from securing COAX cable on buildings for satellite reception to fixings to mount electrical sockets to block and brick walls or securing DPC membrane in new extensions or window openings.

Industrial | Industrial Application Fixings | Fasteners for industrial buildings | Plastic industrial construction fixings

Industrial fixings are used for major capitol projects to secure major cabling installations between floors, or secure floor panels to channels.

New Build | New Build Plastic Fasteners | Fixings for new building projects | New build construction widgets

New Build Fasteners

Restoration | Building restoration project fixings | Fasteners for construction restoration projects | Restoration fasteners

Restoration fixings and fasteners

Steel Applications | Steel Application Fixings | Plastic fasteners for steel construction applications | Plastic fixings for steel cladding projects

Steel Applications fasteners and fixings

Wood Applications | Plastic fixings for wooden structures | Plastic fasteners for use in wood | Wooden building materials plastic widgets

Wood Application plastic fasteners

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