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From straightforward panel fasteners to motion control products, GBK provides this market sector with a highly diverse range of components. The diverse nature of this sector grouping drives the demand of the companies operating in it, from stainless steel waste bins to 3 piece suites designed for home use or steel filing systems the company has suitable and innovative products available.

Bespoke Furniture Producers | Bespoke Furniture Producers Plastic Fasteners | Specialist plastic fixings for furniture applications

Bespoke Furniture Producers

Desking Systems | Fixings for desking Systems | Cable management products for desks | Dampers for cable ports in desks

Desking Systems fasteners, fixings, dampers & cable management

Domestic Furniture | Domestic Furniture Fixings | Furniture trim fixings | Fasteners with velcro | Fastener elements for domestic furniture producers

Domestic Furniture fixings and widgets

Industrial Installations | Fasteners for industrial seating applications |

Industrial Installations

Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom - KBB | Fasteners, closures and components for KBB market | Dampers for KBB applications | KBB fixings

Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom - KBB fixings, fastenings and closures

Knock Down Assembly - KDA | KDA fixings | Flat pack fasteners | Fasteners for KDA producers | Fixings for flat pack producers

Knock Down Assembly - KDA fasteners and components

Office Furniture | Fasteners for office seating | Fixings for office desking | Office storage fixings and fastenings | Dampers for office furniture

Office Furniture components and fixings

Recycling and Waste | Waste bin latches | Trash bin hinge dampers | Fasteners for recycling bins | Fixings and fastenings for wheelie bins

Recycling and Waste fasteners and motion control components

Seating Systems | Fasteners for seating systems | Fixings for seating installations | Fasteners for auditorium and sports ground seating

Seating Systems fixings, fastenings and components

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