Market Sectors

To learn more about GBK products and where they are used, please select the relevant market sector below. This will detail products and applications within each specific market sector.


GBK offer lightweight, non-conductive fasteners to the building and construction industry, which are used in many different types of applications. From EWI cladding systems to cable or pipe routing GBK product solutions are used more often in this sector, providing low cost solutions to users.


New product releases in the cable management and cable & panel protection groups widens the company's offer in this sector. Highly successful in this sector already, GBK expect to gain further advantage through these new product releases.


From straightforward panel fasteners to motion control products, GBK provides this market sector with a highly diverse range of components. The diverse nature of this sector grouping drives the demand of the companies operating in it, from stainless steel waste bins to 3 piece suites designed for home use or steel filing systems the company has suitable and innovative products available..


Shop-fitting, point of sale & point of purchase applications benefit from the product development in other market sectors, particularly in relation to panel fasteners, motion control & access fasteners. This important market sector requires innovative solutions to fastening & jointing problems, as well as unique & interesting ways to display products & signage in retail locations.Equally important is the functionality provided to the consumer, for example fasteners made in clear material so that they do not impinge on highly designed graphic presentations or motion control dampers in dispensers which give the consumer a sense of high quality when doors or panels move smoothly & do not drop abruptly after use.The retail sector continues to demand highly engineered solutions to their problems - GBK is able to respond to & support that need..


Many of the fastener & component solutions offered by GBK have been born through the transportation industry & for that reason, our product offer is strong for companies or individuals who are engaged in this very important market sector.Currently our fastener & component products are used in road, rail, marine & air based modes of transport.